Our Services

What Do We Offer?

Our professional and experienced advisers will care for your capital and help you and your family navigate the complex world of investments, tax, pensions and protection. Working closely with you, we endeavour to identify what is truly important both financially and in terms of lifestyle. We will help you understand and prioritise your objectives and set them out in a carefully considered plan. Progress towards meeting these goals will be assessed and analysed each year by your dedicated adviser as part of our annual review service. Should any changes to your portfolio be necessary, these can be made quickly and cost effectively via our award winning technology platform.

Our services include:

Cash Flow Modelling – once we have identified your personal goals, we create a bespoke model to map what the future could look like, financially. Utilising the latest cash-flow modelling software, your own model is prepared and discussed with you. When clients are presented with a model, laid out before them graphically, they visualise their future more clearly.

Financial Planning – the financial plan and the cash flow model can be confused; these are in fact separate items but work best when used in tandem. As mentioned above, the cash flow illustrates what your financial future could look like, highlights any gaps or potential issues that need to be addressed, and the plan tells you what specific actions are required for your goals to be realised.

Investment Manager Selection and Monitoring – we identify the very best investments and investment managers for our clients. Using the latest technology, we compare the performance, volatility and consistency of returns from the whole market to collate a ‘panel’ of the leading investments for any given level risk you need to take. We monitor and review the performance of your investments each year and make recommendations if and when changes are required.

Annual Reviews – we proactively provide a full review of your portfolio’s performance and assess how your finances are progressing toward your various targets. We update your cash-flow, check if any adjustments are necessary, ensure you have utilised all appropriate tax wrappers and allowances as best you are able. We also provide an assessment of any market / legislative developments that you need to be aware of.